Sunday, February 13, 2011

Laka Nail Polish

I used to be a fan of OPI nail polishes because they have a large varieties of colours. Lately, I encountered this new brand, Laka. To my surprise, they also have a wide range of colours and finishings- you can find light, dark, pastel, bright, shimmery, opaque... You can actually find any colour you can imagine!! 

I bought 2 nail colours. No. 35 - a mauve colour and No. 85 - a black colour with pearl-ish sheen. You can actually tell from the picture which one I love most, since I lied them flat for photoshooting! No. 35 is an amazing colour and I think that it is one of the latest trendy colours. 

No. 35 & No.82
What's good about these nail polishes?
If you ask me whether Laka's nail polish is better than OPI, I would tell you definitely yes for the following reasons:-
  1. You don't need too many coats to achieve a fully opaque finish. Sometimes I just need 1 coat;
  2. They dry pretty quickly without any scratches. (FYI, most of the time I only apply 2 coats for any OPI products, and I used the same top coat, INM Looks Wet Ultra High Gloss Topcoat; I'll still have scratches and marks even if they are dried to the touch)

The only thing that make me hesitate in giving a perfect score (I give them 95% of satisfaction!) to Laka nail polishes is that they chip after 2 days. I think it's due to the fact that I only need to apply 1 coat to some nails. I will see if it will improve if I put 2 coats.

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