Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My new Starbucks tumbler!

The Starbucks in Japan launches a Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Collection every year around this time of the year. To me, Sakura marks the beginning of spring. 

When I saw this tumbler at Starbucks yesterday, I knew I had to bring it home! I was so excited that it's available in Hong Kong! 

For those of you who want to have healthy skin, you have to keep yourself hydrated. This means you have to drink more water on a daily basis. With a good-looking tumbler, I'm definitely going to have adequate H2O intake. 

This tumbler is perfect to hold hot/cold beverages. However, it's always preferred not to drink too much coffee. If you need that boost of caffeine, maybe you can consider green tea as an alternative. 

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